I picked up a pen from the ground and my back locked"

Causes of Lower Back Pain are: • Disc herniation, bulges • Osteoarthritis • Facet syndromes • Muscular tension • Ligament sprain • Non-specific low back painLower back pain can be debilitating, it affects everyday movements and responsible for days off work. At times low back pain (LBP) can be simple or more complex pain involving nerves which the leg pain is quite severe. LBP is the most common ailment we care for at Chirofix, get in touch!

 I always had this shoulder pain but its increasingly worsening I can lie on my side anymore."

Common shoulder injuries are: • Supraspinatus tears • tendinopathy • Bursitis • Rotor Cuff lesions • A/C joint sprains • arthritis • Shoulder impingement syndromeShoulder pain can be frustrating. When an injury strikes everyday tasks become difficult like, brushing your hair, hanging the washing, taking your shirt on and off. At Chirofix we take a special interest in caring for the shoulder joint and its muscles. Book in online!

 I'm a runner and knee began hurting when I increased my Km's and/or intensity""

Common knee problems are: • Patello-femoral syndrome • Meniscus tears • ACL ligament tears • Osteoarthritis • ITB friction syndromeKnee injuries are common in sports. Its a vulnerable joint in high impact sports, also it has to deal with excessive loads in multi-directional sports, endurance sports and start-stop sports like netball. Therefore at Chirofix we take functional approach to knee pain.

 I twisted my ankle at soccer""

Some common Ankle and Foot injuries are: • Ankle ligament Sprains • Achilles tendinopathy • Plantar fasciitis/fasciosis • Heel spurs • Osteoarthritis ankle and toesAnkle and Foot pain are a challenge, at Chirofix we utilize a range of taping techniques to help ease the pressure, various types of soft-tissue release and adjustments of the small bones in the ankle and feet. Discover Chiropractic for sports injuries!

 I'm getting pain and tingling to my hand and fingers when I wake up in the morning"

Common wrist and elbow conditions are: • Carpal tunnel syndrome, • De Quarveins Tenosynovitis • Tendinopathy (Tennis and golfers elbow)Hand, wrist and elbow pain can arise due to direct trauma, repetitive micro-trauma usually called repetitive strain injury (RSI). Other times it can come on during or just after pregnancy, like carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quarveins Tenosynovitis (pain on the thumb tendon). Book in an assessment today!

 I slept in a funny position and I cannot move my neck."

Causes of Neck Pain are: • Disc herniation, bulges • Osteoarthritis • Facet syndromes • Muscular tension • Ligament sprain • Poor work ergonomicsNeck pain can just come on acutely. At times even the slightest turn of the head and neck causes extreme pain and very scary. Other times it can come on over time in a more chronic scenario. Years of poor posture or even an unresolved niggling neck pain can become chronic. Common neck complaints are usually from looking down at your phone (Text-neck), poor workdesk ergonomics , as a result of a car accidents with whip-lash injury, and even Jiu-jitsu injuries. Let us know how we can help you at Chirofix.