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Psychologists & Nutritionist available at Chirofix!

Felipe Baccan

Chirofix Director and Chiropractor

Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University), B. Health Science (PD/H/PE) (UWS), Dip. Remedial Massage, Dip. Dry Needling, Cert. 3 Fitness.

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Lidiane Barros


B. Chiropractic (Feevale University, Brazil) Masters of Chiropractic (Madrid College of Chiropractic - Madrid, Spain) MBA - Health management (FGV - Getulio Vargas Foundation)

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Jordan Seib


Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University). Bachelor of Exercise Science (University of Wollongong, Certificate in Dry Needling Lv 1 & 2.

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Flavia Carvalho


Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis from Aix-Marseille University in France. She offers sessions in English, Portuguese and French.

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Mariana Marques

Psychotherapist | Psychoanalyst

Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Registered Psychotherapist ACA | Australian Counselling Association. She offers sessions in Portuguese

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Mayara Moreira


Bachelor Degree in Nutrition 2009 | Postgraduate in Parenteral and Enteral Nutritional Therapy and Clinical Nutrition 2011 | Postgraduate in Phytotherapy 2016

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NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Leg System available at Chirofix

Check It Out Today! $25/30 min.

Simply book online 1) Under Chirofix Sports recovery - Choose Compression Therapy 2) Choose an available time 3) Answer the questionaire 4) Enjoy!

Chiropractic Adjustments

An adjustment is a skilled manouvre which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct a movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. Most people experience instant relief after an adjustment as it removes impingements, alleviates pressure, and increases joint space.

Hands on soft tissue Release

Soft tissue release can be translated to massage, however we provide specific releasing techniques to targeted muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia. Below are a few examples of soft tissue 'releases': Trigger point release | Active and Passive release | Cross Friction.

Dry Needling

Often called Western Acupuncture or Medical Acupuncture, dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles help reduce muscular trigger points. Dry needling also produces positive neurophysilogical responses that help reduce pain and reduce muscular tension, without any chemicals.

Sports and Kinesio taping

We use various taping techniques including rigid taping for joint support or Kinesio taping to stimulate under-active muscles and to help the drainage of inflamed areas.


Hypervolt is a percussion massager that delivers three speeds of rapid percussion to relieve tension and accelerate warm-up and recovery. Percussive stimulation provides comprehensive relief by reaching both the superficial and deep muscle fibers. Helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness.

Education is the key

We use education to empower our patients. We use 3d4 Medical anatomy app to add to the visual experience and certainly helps patients understand to understand their condition thus allowing for a better recovery

High quality Supplements

Our clinic work with recognised top manufacturers and high technology in the field of natural health products and Healthcare Professional education. We ensure that we provide products that our patients can trust for quality and effectiveness.

Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers are custom made foot orthotics a that improves balance and increase functionality. There are all type of orthotics to fit every shoe style. From high heels to joggers, thongs to work shoes, foot levelers has the answer for your feet.


What is Psychology? Psychology is the study of the human mind and its wide-ranging functions and influences. Psychological research advances our understanding of human emotion, personality, intelligence, memory, perception, cognition, attention, and motivation, as well as the biological processes that drive these human functions and behaviours. In essence, psychology studies individuals and groups to better understand how people, communities and societies function and ways to help them thrive.

 I picked up a pen from the ground and my back locked 

Causes of Lower Back Pain are: • Disc herniation, bulges • Osteoarthritis • Facet syndromes • Muscular tension • Ligament sprain • Non-specific low back painLower back pain can be debilitating, it affects everyday movements and responsible for days off work. At times low back pain (LBP) can be simple or more complex pain involving nerves which the leg pain is quite severe. LBP is the most common ailment we care for at Chirofix, get in touch!

 I always had this shoulder pain but its increasingly worsening I can lie on my side anymore. 

Common shoulder injuries are: • Supraspinatus tears • tendinopathy • Bursitis • Rotor Cuff lesions • A/C joint sprains • arthritis • Shoulder impingement syndromeShoulder pain can be frustrating. When an injury strikes everyday tasks become difficult like, brushing your hair, hanging the washing, taking your shirt on and off. At Chirofix we take a special interest in caring for the shoulder joint and its muscles. Book in online!

 I'm a runner and knee began hurting when I increased my Km's and/or intensity" 

Common knee problems are: • Patello-femoral syndrome • Meniscus tears • ACL ligament tears • Osteoarthritis • ITB friction syndromeKnee injuries are common in sports. Its a vulnerable joint in high impact sports, also it has to deal with excessive loads in multi-directional sports, endurance sports and start-stop sports like netball. Therefore at Chirofix we take functional approach to knee pain.

 I twisted my ankle at soccer" 

Some common Ankle and Foot injuries are: • Ankle ligament Sprains • Achilles tendinopathy • Plantar fasciitis/fasciosis • Heel spurs • Osteoarthritis ankle and toesAnkle and Foot pain are a challenge, at Chirofix we utilize a range of taping techniques to help ease the pressure, various types of soft-tissue release and adjustments of the small bones in the ankle and feet. Discover Chiropractic for sports injuries!

 I'm getting pain and tingling to my hand and fingers when I wake up in the morning 

Common wrist and elbow conditions are: • Carpal tunnel syndrome, • De Quarveins Tenosynovitis • Tendinopathy (Tennis and golfers elbow)Hand, wrist and elbow pain can arise due to direct trauma, repetitive micro-trauma usually called repetitive strain injury (RSI). Other times it can come on during or just after pregnancy, like carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quarveins Tenosynovitis (pain on the thumb tendon). Book in an assessment today!

 I slept in a funny position and I cannot move my neck. 

Causes of Neck Pain are: • Disc herniation, bulges • Osteoarthritis • Facet syndromes • Muscular tension • Ligament sprain • Poor work ergonomicsNeck pain can just come on acutely. At times even the slightest turn of the head and neck causes extreme pain and very scary. Other times it can come on over time in a more chronic scenario. Years of poor posture or even an unresolved niggling neck pain can become chronic. Common neck complaints are usually from looking down at your phone (Text-neck), poor workdesk ergonomics , as a result of a car accidents with whip-lash injury, and even Jiu-jitsu injuries. Let us know how we can help you at Chirofix.

Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics

At Chirofix we check you from head to toes

Poor foot mechanics can lead to functional and structural changes to our body, that can cause pain and dysfunction at the toes, feet, ankles and even transfer the problem elsewhere like the knees, hips and the back.

  • 154 New Canterbury Road, Petersham New South Wales, Australia
  • 10 min from Petersham or Lewishan station

Chirofix was established in 2015 when Felipe decided to move from a room in a medical clinic he was working from since 2009. The aim was to provide chiropractic and other complimentary allied health care services all under one roof including, nutritional therapy, counselling and remedial massage. Providing quality and convenient health care services in the Inner West community, particuclarly Petersham.
Felipe immigrated to Australia with his parents from Brazil in 1993. Having kept the language (Portuguese) it has come in handy to be able to help the Local Portuguese community in Petersham, Lewisham, Marrickville, Summer Hill and broader Inner West.
Most of his youth Felipe was dedicated to football until he found that Chiropractic not only helped him recover from his injuries but also allowed him to improve his performance.



Adjust stands for the Chiropractic adjustment. It is a maneuver done by hand or using an adjusting instrument. An adjustment has numerous therapeutic effect to our body. It is the primary tool of the Chiropractor, however at Chirofix we are not limited to just using the adjustment. An adjustment is applied to joint fixations, it a skilled movement which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct joint fixation and movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. ☻ Restoring biomechanical Function and improvement in range of motion ☻ Helps with inter-articular adhesions ☻ Natural Analgesic Effects & Change in para-spinal muscle neurological activity ☻ Reduces muscle tension surrounding joint muscles. ☻ Helps remove inter-articular joint block/restriction, reducing pain and restoring function.



Soft tissue release What are the soft tissues? When we say soft tissues, it's in reference to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia! Chirofix uses a vast variety of soft tissue release techniques to suit each patient and each condition. Some of these techniques are: ☻Trigger point technique ☻Passive and active release ☻Dry needling (using acupuncture needles) ☻Sliding frictions ☻kneading ☻Cupping ☻Instrument-assisted techniques (Gua-sha tools)



Chirofix final and vital pillar to care is, strengthening. To strengthen is the key to "fixing" for the longer term. Rehabilitation exercises are prescribed to get your muscular system functioning as normal. These are exercises that require focus and determination, therefore we add convenience and use a high tech app called physiapp. With Physiapp your exercises are sent to your mailbox, and you can access this app anytime on various devices, and view the exercise video as many times as you would like. We have a dedicated exercise studio in clinic for exercise rehab and correction of movement patterns.

Chiropractic Initial Consultation

  • All health funds accepted - HICAPS
  • BUPA Members FIrst provider
  • HCF More for backs program

Chiropractic Standard Consultation

  • All health funds accepted - HICAPS
  • BUPA Members FIrst provider
  • .

NormaTec - Compression Therapy

  • Normatec leg PULSE 2.0 Compression boots 30min
  • •Post training recovery •Swelling • Increase circulation
  • • Warm up pre-workout • Reduce pain and soreness

Do you need areferral?

No, you do not need a referral. You do need to make a booking, simply book online or call 9569 65 69

Does my private health fund cover Chiropractic?

All health funds should cover Chiropractic when your plan includes "Extras", if your plan does not includes "extras" you dont have cover.
International students with overseas student health cover (OSHC) sometimes covers Chiropractic.
BUPA OSHC: usually cover Chiropractic
AHM OSHC: at times
NIB OSHC: does not cover
Graduate Visa holders: You need to have "Extras" included in your cover also depends on which health fund.

What payment methods are available at Chirofix?

We have a Hicaps machine which automatically charges your health funds, then you can pay the GAP amount using your EFTPOS, Credit Card and AMEX. Fully paid - Medicare under Chronic disease management (Needs a referral from your GP). Cash is also welcome

Is there parking available at Chirofix?

There is street parking available, - Ducros St. 1P and further down Ducros St. is unlimited. - New Canterbury Rd. 1P, check times CLEARWAY before 9 AM and after 3 PM - West St. Check signs - Hunter St. Please cross at the pedestrian lights, its a very busy Rd.

Can I be late of miss an appointment?

We understand certain situations can arise, however, a 24 hrs notice is required. Missing an appointment is not fair on other patients who may have called to get an appointment and they couldn't. It is also not fair on the therapist missing that time slot secured for you. If you know you will arrive late please call us. If something urgent arrises give us a call to reschedule.
A cancellation/no show fee may apply.

Do I need X-rays?

At Chirofix we do NOT routinely x-ray our patients. If there is a suspicion of a fracture, anomaly, scoliosis or other indications for x-ray, then we are happy to refer you to get them done. If you have old/recent medical images that are relevant to your current complaint, please bring them along.

What is the "Crack" or "Pop" noise we hear with an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a skilled maneuver which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct a movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. Within the vertebral joint, there is synovial fluid and during the brief and quick separation of the joint, gas bubbles are formed and collapsed giving that classic Pop. There noise is NOT from a bone cracking, as the adjustment is directed at the moving parts.

What do I wear?

Sportswear is usually the best option. However, some ladies sports tops are crossed at the back and neck, they aren't good for working on the upper back and neck area. We provide patient gowns if needed.