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Caring for the Inner West community with Back and neck pain, work and sports injuries.

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Short Story About Chirofix

By Felipe Baccan


Chirofix was established in 2015 when Felipe decided to move from a room in a medical clinic he was working from since 2009. The aim was to provide chiropractic and other complimentary allied health care services all under one roof including, nutritional therapy, counselling and remedial massage. Providing quality and convenient health care services in the Inner West community, particuclarly Petersham.

Felipe immigrated to Australia with his parents from Brazil in 1993. Having kept the language (Portuguese) it has come in handy to be able to help the Local Portuguese community in Petersham, Lewisham, Marrickville, Summer Hill and broader Inner West.

Most of his youth Felipe was dedicated to football until he found that Chiropractic not only helped him recover from his injuries but also allowed him to improve his performance. Read more about Felipe Baccan here


Chirofix Approach

Ancillary techniques to suit each patient

Chiropractic Diversified Adjustments

An adjustment is a skilled manouvre which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct a movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. Most people experience instant relief after an adjustment as it removes impingements, alleviates pressure, and increases joint space.

Sports & Kinesio Taping

We use various taping techniques including rigid taping for joint support or Kinesio taping to stimulate under-active muscles and to help the drainage of inflamed areas.

Hands on Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release can be translated to massage, however we provide specific releasing techniques to targeted muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia. Below are a few examples of soft tissue 'releases': Trigger point release | Active and Passive release | Cross Friction.

Dry Needling

Often called Western Acupuncture or Medical Acupuncture, dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles help reduce muscular trigger points. Dry needling also produces positive neurophysilogical responses that help reduce pain and reduce muscular tension, without any chemicals.


We use education to empower our patients. We use 3d4 Medical anatomy app to add to the visual experience and certainly helps patients understand to understand their condition thus allowing for a better recovery.

SFMA (Functional Movement Analysis)

SFMA is great for athletes, runners, sports people and even for those who have pain that doesn't seem to be getting better with regular treatment. Functional movement analysis is a series of movements while the therapist diagnosis dysfunctional movement patterns that may be causing problems elsewhere on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a referral. You do need to make a booking, simply book online or call 9569 65 69
All health funds should cover Chiropractic, unless your plan does not includes "extras". International students (OSHC) does not cover Chiropractic, unless you have the top cover also depends on which health fund.
We have a Hicaps machine which automatically charges your health funds, then you can pay the GAP amount using your EFTPOS, Credit Card and AMEX. Fully paid - Medicare under Chronic disease management (Needs a referral from your GP). Cash is also welcome
You need to pay the consultation in full
There is street parking available, - Ducros St. 1P and further down Ducros St. is unlimited. - New Canterbury Rd. 1P, check times CLEARWAY before 9 AM and after 3 PM - West St. Check signs - Hunter St. Please cross at the pedestrian lights, its a very busy Rd.
We understand certain situations can arise, however, a 24 hrs notice is required. Missing an appointment is not fair on other patients who may have called to get an appointment and they couldn't. It is also not fair on the therapist missing that time slot secured for you. If you know you will arrive late please call us.
At Chirofix we do NOT routinely x-ray our patients. If there is a suspicion of a fracture, anomaly, scoliosis or other indications for x-ray, then we are happy to refer you to get them done. If you have old/recent medical images that are relevant to your current complaint, please bring them along.
An adjustment is a skilled maneuver which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct a movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. Within the vertebral joint, there is synovial fluid and during the brief and quick separation of the joint, gas bubbles are formed and collapsed giving that classic Pop. There noise is NOT from a bone cracking, the adjustment is directed at the moving parts.
Sportswear is usually the best option. However, some ladies sports tops are crossed at the back and neck, they aren't good for working on the upper back and neck area. We provide patient gowns if needed.

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