Adjust stands for the Chiropractic adjustment. It is a maneuver done by hand or using an adjusting instrument. An adjustment has numerous therapeutic effect to our body. It is the primary tool of the Chiropractor, however at Chirofix we are not limited to just using the adjustment. An adjustment is applied to joint fixations, it a skilled movement which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction. The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct joint fixation and movement dysfunction in our skeletal system. ☻ Restoring biomechanical Function and improvement in range of motion ☻ Helps with inter-articular adhesions ☻ Natural Analgesic Effects & Change in para-spinal muscle neurological activity ☻ Reduces muscle tension surrounding joint muscles. ☻ Helps remove inter-articular joint block/restriction, reducing pain and restoring function.



Soft tissue release What are the soft tissues? When we say soft tissues, it's in reference to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia! Chirofix uses a vast variety of soft tissue release techniques to suit each patient and each condition. Some of these techniques are: ☻Trigger point technique ☻Passive and active release ☻Dry needling (using acupuncture needles) ☻Sliding frictions ☻kneading ☻Cupping ☻Instrument-assisted techniques (Gua-sha tools)



Chirofix final and vital pillar to care is, strengthening. To strengthen is the key to "fixing" for the longer term. Rehabilitation exercises are prescribed to get your muscular system functioning as normal. These are exercises that require focus and determination, therefore we add convenience and use a high tech app called physiapp. With Physiapp your exercises are sent to your mailbox, and you can access this app anytime on various devices, and view the exercise video as many times as you would like. We have a dedicated exercise studio in clinic for exercise rehab and correction of movement patterns.