Mariana Marques
Psychotherapist | Psychoanalyst

Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Registered Psychotherapist ACA | Australian Counselling Association. She offers sessions in Portuguese

Mariana has experience in providing psychotherapy to adolescents and adults presenting with a wide range of mental health issues, in the public sector of health and social welfare. She also has experience working for three years as a Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator implementing a comprehensive treatment and management program to assist people experiencing homelessness and drug abuse.
Mariana holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and she’s specialized in Psychoanalysis, addressing a variety of problems ranging from anxiety, depression and symptoms of all kinds. 

Individuals are often unaware of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior, therefore the therapy focuses on unconscious processes, which leads to recognising a pattern of suffering in life. Treatment traces these patterns back to their historical origins and considers how they have changed and developed over time. It aims to find each individual's desire and place in life, rather than aligning with what socially and culturally is considered "the norm". 

Available THURSDAY @ Chirofix

Phone/Whatsapp: 0406 112 981