Flavia Carvalho

Bachelor Degree in Psychology | Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis from Aix-Marseille University in France. She offers sessions in English, Portuguese and French.

Flavia has experience with children, adolescents and adults in the private and public sector within psychiatric, somatic and Autism spectrum disorder units.

She is a dedicated and caring therapist and believes that her work consists on helping people to help themselves.

Flavia provides individual play therapy sessions where she works creatively with children based on solid evidence-based methods allowing children to express, understand and regulate their emotions. She also offers individual therapy sessions to adolescents and adults adopting an empathic and thoughtful posture working with her clients towards a deeper self- awareness and acceptance. 

Flavia integrates a psychodynamic approach with psychoanalytical models along with other evidence-based psychological approaches and knowledge from the social sciences.

Some of her special areas of interest are parenting, pregnancy, babies and children emotional development, immigration related emotional difficulties, psychosis, relationship related difficulties, self-awareness and esteem, autism spectrum disorder and depression.

Available TUESDAY @ Chirofix

Contact Flavia Carvalho on 

P: 0404990209

E: flavia.decarvalho@outlook.com