(Chiropractic Adjustment)

Adjust stands for the Chiropractic adjustment. It is a maneuver done by hand or using an adjusting instrument. An adjustment has numerous therapeutic effect to our body. It is the primary tool of the Chiropractor however at Chirofix we are not limited to just using the adjustment. In this section we will highlight the Chiropractic adjustment.

An adjustment is applied to joint fixations, it a skilled movement which is applied to a spinal or peripheral joint in a quick but controlled pressure into a specific direction.

The aim of the adjustment is to restore and correct joint fixation and movement dysfunction in our skeletal system.

How does it bring relief from pain?

Restoring biomechanical Function and improvement in range of motion 

By restoring the joints normal function, adjustment helps remove inter-articular blocks (entrapped meniscus for instance ). Helps with inter-articular adhesions. Adhesions can form as a result of previous joint injury, joint inflammation which can cause the joint to"stick" together. Or due to prolonged immobility, the peri-articular ligament shortens and fibrous adhesions forms.

There is a strong hypothesis for the adjustment having a direct effect to  our nervous system.

Neurophysiological changes

Natural Analgesic Effects &  Change in para-spinal muscle neurological activity

The adjustment is done at a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust. The adjustment speed is sufficient to stimulate certain nerve receptors that are not usually stimulated in day to day movements. These  receptors are mechanoreceptor (receptors that sense movement), nociceptor (Pain receptors), proprioceptors (receptors that has the ability to perceive the position of a  joint).

The speed of the adjustment triggers our brain to produce natural analgesic chemicals and reduced paraspinal neurological activity, therefore reducing muscle tension.








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